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Getting started

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Siderscan must be installed on your server. Also, since the latest analysis engine is provided as a Docker Image, Docker must also be installed. Siderscan has a function to send an e-mail when the analysis is completed. By using your own mail server within your network, all information is retained inside your network.

Request for use

Please contact us from this application form.

Issue/send a configuration file

We will issue the configuration files necessary to build the Siderscan environment.


Follow the setup guide to install the required software, prepare to run, and run Siderscan. See the Setup Guide for more information.

Add Project

Add a project for analysis in the Siderscan Web UI. See the Setup Guide for more information.

Project settings

Add a user account that can view analysis results. You can also specify files and/or directories to exclude from the analysis. Analysis exclusion settings are important because unnecessary issues are detected when the sample code or test code is included in the analysis target.


When you register a project, Siderscan automatically analyzes the source code of the target project at midnight to detect duplicate code and omissions of modifications.

View analysis results

Once the analysis is complete, the project administrator will be notified by email. Please check the analysis result, share it with the team, and modify the code as necessary.

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Start duplicate analysis for free

You can analyze one project for free.