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Omission of modification code view


Omission Detail Screen

Clicking on a row in the table of omission of modification displays the source code of one pair of duplicate code blocks in the group, side by side. Please review the source code and use it to determine whether or not you should take action.
Siderscan compares a duplicate code block at the time of the previous analysis with the source code that has been modified at the time of this analysis. It analyzes whether similar modifications have been made to the modified code and similar duplicate code, and points out any omissions of the modifications as an omission of modification notification. We recommend that you should review the code since it may be a potential bug.
In the source code display shown above:

  • Lines with white background is lines where the logic is different (not duplicate)
  • Lines with gray background are lines that are recognized as duplicate code blocks
  • Lines highlighted in green in the left code do not exist in the right code and are newly inserted. You need to make sure you don't need to insert them in the right code as well.

Other functions are as follows:

  1. Displays the unique code assigned to each correction omission remark. It is a drop-down list that allows you to select other omission correction remarks to display.
  2. Indicates the path of the source code being displayed. If the left and right source codes have different file paths, the different parts are highlighted in yellow.
  3. From this detail screen, you can also classify and delete omitted modification remarks.
  4. If the displayed file is not necessary to analyze, it can be designated as not subject to analysis from this button.