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Prerequisite preparations

This chapter describes the prerequisite preparations for running Siderscan.

Create Sidrescan install directory

Create a directory to install Siderscan. In this document, the install directory is assumed as /home/sideruser/siderscan

$ mkdir /home/sideruser/siderscan

Deploy configuration files

Save the following files in the directory created above.
If you do not have the configuration file, please request it us at the application form.

  • .envPrefix file of the container created by docker-compose up
  • docker-compose.ymlConfiguration file to run Docker container

Verify that the file has been saved with the following command:

$ cd /home/sideruser/siderscan
$ ls -al

Modify Configuration Files

Write down the URL to display Siderscan analysis results in the .env file with the following format:

# Application URL
  • * When you run Siderscan on your local computer and see the analysis results on the local, please write http://localhost
  • * When you run Siderscan on a remote server, please write the server name or IP address of the server instead of http://localhost.

Fetch source code for analysis

Create a directory in which to fetch the source code to be analyzed and change the permissions.

$ mkdir -p /home/sideruser/siderscan/var/targets
$ chmod 757 /home/sideruser/siderscan/var

Next, go to the targets directory and fetch the source code. This is an example command to get the source code with git clone.

$ cd /home/sideruser/siderscan/var/targets
$ git clone {repo}

Now, you are ready to use Siderscan!