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Dashboard Screen

When you select a project in the Project Overview, you will go to a dashboard that lists the results of analysis. The dashboard has two graphs: 1. "Duplicate Code Overview" which displays the time series number of duplicate codes*1 in the entire source code, and 2. "Omission of modification" which displays the number of omission of modification*2 that may have occurred when modifying duplicate code. The functions of each section are explained below.

  1. Displays the number of duplicate code blocks in this project. If there are more than 100 duplicate codes, only the top 100 duplicate codes that are considered highly important are displayed.
  2. Displays the number of omissions of modification that occurred.
  3. Edit the display period for the time-series graph.
  4. Clicking on each point in the graph displays a list of duplicate codes.
  5. Clicking on each point in the graph displays a list of omission of modification.
  6. Displays a list of duplicate codes. This is the same operation as "4.
  7. Displays a list of omission of modification. Same as "5".
  8. Configures settings for each project. Includes links to "General Settings," "Member Settings," and "Ignore Rule Settings”.

*1: Code duplication is the act of copying and pasting code within a project. In Siderscan, duplicate code includes that which are similar and not necessarily identical.

*2: When editing one of the duplicate codes, it is necessary to search for all other duplicate codes and modify them in the same way, but the modification sometimes is omitted in some duplicate codes. Such missed corrections caused by duplicate codes as described above are called "omission of modification".