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Create user(s)

This chapter describes how to create user(s) to review Siderscan analysis results. This operation is only for the first time.

Create an Admin User

Go to the following directory

$ cd /home/sideruser/siderscan

Create an administrator user with docker-compose command.
Please change <username>, <email address>, <login password>, <admin flag> for your environment.

$ docker-compose exec app php artisan siderscan:create-user <username> <email address> <login password> <admin flag>


$ docker-compose exec app php artisan siderscan:create-user SiderscanAdmin password true

If the following message is displayed, the administrator user has been successfully created.

username : SiderscanAdmin
email :

Verify that you can log in at the Siderscan login page.
Once you login successfully, the Project List screen will be shown. (At this point, the following screen will appear because the project has not been registered.)


Project List screen