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About Sider Corporation

Sider Corp. was spun off from Fixstars Corpotration, a global leader in software acceleration services, as a product development company in the field of software development. Based on the knowledge in software development gained through more than 1,000 joint development projects with top global companies and research institutions in Japan and abroad, including Kioxia, Hitachi, Canon, Boeing, IBM, and MIT, we provide solutions to realize better developer experiences. Currently, we are developing and providing Siderscan, a solution that applies patent-pending technology to detect duplicate code and omission of modification, which are difficult to detect with conventional source code analysis tools.

The environment surrounding software developers is evolving daily. With the increasing automation of various tools, how quickly can we respond to the demands of our customers and the market? Agility is becoming one of the most important KPIs for software development teams. In the future, the improvement of the software development experience will become a source of competitiveness for companies in all industries.

Sider Corp. will contribute to improving the development experience for all software engineers and realize a world where AI and people develop in cooperation.

Utilizing our experiences on our client projects, Sider is developing and providing a unique and powerful engineering management tool for software projects, "Sider Team Insights", and a fully-automated source code review solution, "Sider".

We contribute to the enhancement of productivity so that more projects succeed. Please contact us for further questions.

Company NameSider Corporation
CEOSatoshi Miki
ShareholdersFixstars Corporation (Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) 100%
LocationTamachi Station Tower N 28th Floor 3-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
ServicesProviding software development solutions